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Jazz Icon - John Coltrane
(Live in '60, '61 & '65)

John Coltrane (Tenor & Soprano Sax)
Wynton Kelly (Piano) Paul Chambers (Bass) Jimmy Cobb (Drums) with guests: Oscar Peterson (Piano) Stan Getz (Tenor Sax)
Eric Dolphy (Alto Sax & Flute) McCoy Tyner (Piano) Reggie Workman (Bass) Elvin Jones (Drums)
McCoy Tyner (Piano) Jimmy Garrison (Bass) Elvin Jones (Drums) Liner notes by Ashley Kahn
Total time: 90 minutes
Item# IC10

Jazz Icon - Dave Brubeck
(Live in ’64 & ’66)

Dave Brubeck (Piano)

Paul Desmond (Alto Sax) Eugene Wright (Bass) Joe Morello (Drums)

Liner notes by Darius Brubeck



Total time: 67 minutes

Item# IC11

Jazz Icon - Duke Ellington
(Live in ’58)

Reeds: Johnny Hodges (Alto Sax) Russell Procope (Alto Sax, Clarinet) Paul Gonsalves (Tenor Sax) Jimmy Hamilton (Tenor Sax, Clarinet) Harry Carney (Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet)
Trumpets: Cat Anderson, Harold “Shorty” Baker, Ray Nance (Trumpet, Violin, Vocal) Clark Terry
Trombones: Quentin Jackson, John Sanders (Valve Trombone) Britt Woodman
Rhythm section: Duke Ellington (Piano) Jimmy Woode (Bass) Sam Woodyard (Drums) Ozzie Bailey (Vocal) Liner notes by Patricia Willard
Total time: 80 minutes

Item# IC12

Jazz Icon - Dexter Gordon
(Live in '63 & '64)

Dexter Gordon (Tenor Sax)

Kenny Drew (Piano) Gilbert “Bibi” Rovère (Bass) Art Taylor (Drums)
George Gruntz (Piano) Guy Pedersen (Bass) Daniel Humair (Drums)

Liner notes by Maxine Gordon

Foreword by Michael Cuscuna

Total time: 69 minutes

Item# IC15

Jazz Icon - Charles Mingus
(Live in '64)

Charles Mingus (Bass)

Eric Dolphy (Alto Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet) Clifford Jordan (Tenor Sax) Johnny Coles (Trumpet) Jaki Byard (Piano) Dannie Richmond (Drums)

Liner notes by Rob Bowman

Total time: 120 minutes

Item# IC16

Jazz Icon - Wes Montgomery
(Live in '65)

Wes Montgomery (Guitar)

Holland: Pim Jacobs (Piano) Ruud Jacobs (Bass) Han Bennink (Drums)
Belgium: Arthur Harper (Bass) Harold Mabern (Piano) Jimmy Lovelace (Drums)
England: Rick Laird  (Bass) Stan Tracey (Piano) Jackie Dougan (Drums)

Liner notes by Pat Metheny

Afterword by Carlos Santana

Total time: 78 minutes

Item# IC13

Jazz Icon - Sarah Vaughan
(Live in '58 & '64)

Sarah Vaughan (Vocal)

Richard David (Bass) Ronnell Bright (Piano)
Art Morgan (Drums)

Buster Wiliams (Bass) Kirk Stuart (Piano) George Hughes (Drums)

Liner notes by Patricia Willard

Total time: 64 minutes


Item# IC14

Jazz Icons Series 2 - Boxed Set

This DVD series features full-length concerts and studio performances by the greatest legends of jazz. Included are rare performances that have never before been officially released on home video or in many cases ever broadcast. This 7 DVD set includes volumes by John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan, Dexter Gordon, Dave Brubeck, Wes Montgomery, Charles Mingus, and Duke Ellington.

Plus a Bonus Disc.


Item# IC17
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